Birmingham City Mission needs you!

The Birmingham City Mission offer help and support to the marginalised and those experiencing a crisis   

Their resource centre is running out of supplies and food donations are urgently needed – can you help?

BCM are committed to helping people in need with emergency food parcels. This is now becoming difficult as the needs in Birmingham are growing and supplies are running out. Donations are received all year around from schools, businesses and individuals.

Nutritional essentials

The charity organisation gets alot of tinned baked beans, mixed fruit and chopped tomatoes but don’t get a lot of coffee, cornflakes or sugar.

 BCM are committed to helping people a balanced diet in their food parcels, however essentials are running out really quickly.

If you can help, please see a list below of items needed URGENTLY:

Coffee & Tea
Tinned meats ( i.e tinned fish, Corned beef, stewing steak)
Milk ( UHT or powered)
Tinned Potatoes
Pasta and cook-in sauces

If you can help please call the BCM Resource Centre on 0121 643 4324 to check opening times so you can to drop off your food items.

Keep in touch with BCM update on items most needed from time to time.

Where to find Birmingham City Mission

8-10 Washington Street, Birmingham B1 1JR