Get inspired by our list of random acts of kindness list below. If you’ve got an idea to add to the list please get in touch                                                 

Dont forget to come back to the website to log your acts of kindness.

1) Have a ‘kind day’ – for a whole day act on every thought and opportunity to be kind.

2) Smile at every stranger you make eye contact with today Smiling is good for your health and is infectious too. A smile is one of the best gifts you can give someone and it costs nothing at all. Also try and make 5 people smile back during your day.

3) Chocolates or donuts to share – Buy a box of donuts or a box of chocolates and share them with others in your office, class, work colleagues or group of friends. If anyone asks why, say ‘you just wanted to be kind’.

4) Buy a Big Issue – big issue sellers are homeless people doing something to try and earn a bit of money to buy something to eat. Help support the cause and buy a magazine from a seller, take them a cup of tea too.

5) Say “Good Morning” – if you’re not a morning person the last thing you want to do is hold a conversation with strangers on the bus, train or anyone else you see first thing in the morning. Make the effort to say good morning to the person standing next to you on the bus or in a shop queue.

6) Keep Birmingham tidy  – Throughout your day pick up any rubbish and litter you see lying around, on the streets, bus shelters your local park and neighbourhood. It doesn’t matter who left it there, just pick it up!

7) Say hello to a local police officer – Our police officers have a tough job protecting our streets and neighbourhoods. Next time you pass a local police officer give them a big smile and say hello to thank them for the work they do.

8 ) Leave a free treat in the fridge – If you share a communal fridge at work or university anonymously leave a treat in the fridge with a post-it note on saying “It’s a free treat, help yourself if you would like it!” ( i.e a delicious cup cake or chocolate bar… ).

9) Let someone go in front – Offer someone behind you in the supermarket queue with less items to go in front of you. Or when you’re getting on a bus or train let others get on before you.

10) Pass on a parking ticket – If you’ve got an hour or so left over on your parking ticket offer it to someone parking their car or stick it on the parking ticket machine for the next person. It’s a nice surprise!

11) Say “thank you” – next time you’re out shopping, paying your bus/train fare, paying for petrol or something in a shop make a point of saying “thank you”, “have a great day” or “God bless you” to the person serving you – do this until it becomes a habit.

12) Bless someone with a prayer – If you’re someone who prays, say a prayer today for someone you know is sick, pray for your school, neighbourhood or community, a friend or member of your family, or even a complete stranger stood next to you.

13) Say it with flowers – arrange for a nice bouquet of flowers to be delivered to a friend or relative, at home or to their work place. It could be a special occasion, get well soon, or just because. Delivered flowers are always a nice surprise.

14) Give other shoppers a hand – The next time you’re out shopping take notice of the other shoppers around you. Is someone having difficultly reaching an item or inflexible to reach the items on the bottom shelf? Give them a hand.

15) Take out your neighbours rubbish - If you see your neighbour hasn’t taken their bins out for the morning pick-up, take it out to the curb for them.

16) Talk with a homeless person – The next time you pass someone on the street asking you for spare change, take a moment to talk with them. Find out a bit more about them. What do they need the change for? Is it for something to eat or a hot drink? Is there any other way you can help rather than giving money?

17) Give directions to someone who looks lost – Birmingham is a big city and can be really confusing for visitors and newcomers. If you see someone with a map or just looking a bit lost, take a minute to stop and help them with directions. Show people what a welcoming city we are.

18) Leave a treat for the cleaner - Leave a small treat for whoever cleans your office or school. (i.e bar of chocolate, small cake, thank you note, bunch of flowers etc…).

19) Cut your neighbour’s grass – after you’ve mowed your own front lawn, pop over and ask your neighhbour if they would like theirs doing too. This is especially kind if your neighbours are elderly or a young single mom.

20) Open up a few shopping bags – After you’ve packed your own shopping open up a few bags for the next shopper in your queue.

21) Give someone a hug – Have you hugged someone recently? A hug is a great way to connect with someone to let them know you care about them. Give at least 5 hugs to people today, THEY’RE FREE!

22) Buy a homeless person lunch – Spare 5 mins to stop and buy a rough sleeper or a Big Issue seller a sandwich or a cup of tea.

23) Stop a negative conversation – With all the negative news and information that bombards us everyday it’s getting harder not to think and talk positively. Stop any negative conversation you have today and talk about something more positive and encouraging.

24) Share your umbrella – The next time you are stuck in a rain shower take a look around you to see who is getting really wet (especially the elderly and those with children). Lift up your umbrella a little higher and offer to hold it over them as well.

25) Be a polite driver – Practice kindness on the road by being polite to other drivers. When a driver tries to merge into your lane, let them in with a wave and a smile. You’ll be surprised how much more pleasant your car journeys become.

26) A word of encouragement – Offer someone a word of encouragement if they’re are feeling a bit down.

27) Pay it Forward – If someone does something kind for you, pay it forward and you be kind to two other people.

28) Be in the moment - at moments throughout your day no matter where you are stop and think what is my opportunity right NOW to be kind to someone?

29) Give us a smile – Look for anyone around you that looks sad and do something to put a smile on their face.

30) How are you? – Ask someone how they are and actively LISTEN to their response.




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