Get inspired by our list of planned acts of kindness. If you’ve got any creative ideas to add to our list please get in touch                 

Dont forget to come back and log your kind acts.

1) Just to say ‘thank you’ – Send an annonymous thank you card or gift to community worker who has dedicated their life and work to helping others.                

2) Making a difference – Get together with others and orgnanise a social action activity in your neighbourhood to address a need.

3) Make an anonymous donation – Make an anonymous donation to a local charity that are actively helping people. Find out what they need and donate it yourself if you can or ask others to help you. It doesn’t have to be financial, it could also be items of clothes, food or toys etc…

4) Team challenge – Get a group of your friends together. Make a pile of cards with random acts of kindness on them, shuffle them up and and get each person in your group to pick a card without looking. Challenge members of your group to complete their kind actions during the next 7 days. Meet back as a group and share how you got on.

5) Donate to a homeless shelter – Take warm clothes, blankets or sleeping bags to a homeless shelter or personally give them to a homeless person you often see on the street.

6) Connect with another culture – Birmingham is a city of over 170 different cultures, organise an activity to connect with people of a different culture in your local neighbourhood. While doing the activity together learn more about their language, cultural values and traditions.

7) Make a wish come true – Listen to the prayers and wishes of people around you and do what you can to make their wish come true. If it’s a big wish you may need to enroll the help of others to make it happen. It will be amazing when it does.

8 ) Be a solution – Do a bit of research and find out the needs of your local neighbourhood, community groups, charities and initiatives – get together with a group of friends, pick a need and take action to be part of the solution.

9) Get Involved find out what other 1 MAK Birmingham volunteer activities are happening in the city; connect with others and get involved, check out our website, twitter and facebook page to keep updated.

10) Donate to a foodbank – When you do a big food shopping trip buy a couple extra non-perishable food items and take them to a foodbank or organization that gives out emergency food parcels to individuals and families experiencing a crisis.

11) How can I help? – Make contact with a voluntary organisation in your local area and find out what you can do to help. It could be everything from volunteering your time (regularly or short term), make a financial donation of donate your skills or resources for FREE to help meet an immediate need.

12) Attend a cultural festival – Birmingham is always buzzing with vibrant religious festivals and cultural events. Learn more about other cultures and religions in the city by attending an event i.e Vaisakhi, Pentacost Sunday, Eid Mela, Refugee Week, Birmingham Carnival, St Patricks Day, Chinese new Year and more…

13) Work place challenge – Arrange for your work place to engage with the local community you are based in i.e organise a social action activity, collect donated items, fundraise and more ….

14) Send a bouquet of flowers – Send a bouquet of flowers to a hospital and let the hospital know it should go to someone who doesn’t receive any visitors or send them to a someone they know is feeling low and brighten their day.

15) Neighnourhood watch – Find out about the neighbourhood watch where you live and see how you can get involved.

16) Ask others – Do you have friends or family members who volunteer regularly? Ask them if you can join them the next time they do something. Also talk with other people in your church, community, college, work place etc… and ask if they would like to do something together.

17) Organise a fundraiser- Think of creative ways do to organise a fundraiser to raise money for a local charity or community project.

18) Go home early – If you’re a team manager allow your team to go home 1 hour early one day as a surprise – pick a day when it’s lovely and sunny outside.

19) Just Giving – Donate a one off payment or set up a direct debit withe a local charity or community initiative. There are alot of organisations to give to, so do your research and pick one in an area you feel passionate about.

20) Buy local – Occassionally, instead of going to the usual large supermarket, support your local shops, green grocers and businesses. Remember someone’s family life and wellbeing depends on people shopping local instead of at the big supermarkets.


Imagine what Birmingham would look like if there was an outbreak of kindness across the city and everyone did a daily act of kindness. We're challenging everyone to take part in '1 MAK Birmingham'.

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Everyone has the ability to be kind, there are no barriers to anyone joining in and there are many different things you can do. If you're stuck for ideas our Get Inspired page has a variety of ideas to get you started.

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