Throughout the year will highlight exciting campaigns that will get you inspired to do something as an individual, or join with others to do an acts of kindness project that will make a difference to the people and community around you.



Have you been involved in any acts of kindness over the summer? We want to hear about them.  

Has your faith group, community group or work place been involved in any clear-ups or litter picks or decorating projects over the summer? Or did you help out at a community summer fun day?

We want to see your pictures…

Send us your pictures and videos so we can post them on the website and share your stories with others. Or if you’ve already uploaded them to a photo sharing website like flickr you can just send us the link.


Also make sure you’ve logged your summer acts of kindness. Don’t worry if it was a few week ago still log them so we can keep pushing our 1,000,000 kind acts target – that’s one act of kindness by every Birmingham citizen!!!.


More campaigns ….


Could your neighbourhood be the kindest in Birmingham?

The August 2011 riots in Birmingham was not only a time of fear, unrest, lawlessness and anger – it was also a time where people united in peace, kind words and actions as communities banding together through positive community spirit in a show of strength against the rioting.

Now more than ever is the time for us all to pull together so that every neighbourhood in the city can be kinder, cleaner and safer.

Love your neighbourhood

Simple acts of kindness show respect for one another and can create a sense of belonging and responsibility in the area you live in. 1MAK Birmingham wants to bring together faith communities, local residents, business owners, community policing, voluntary organisations and the local council to see a flourishing neighbourhoods across the city.

Do you live in the kindest neighbourhood?

The kindest neighbourhood campaign will close in April 2012 and we will be highlighting the winning neighbourhood through media coverage, features and more …

Get started…

Here are a few ideas on being a kind neighbour to get you started:

  • Say hello to someone you don’t know
  • Pick up their newspaper from the doorstep and push it through the letter box
  • Visit your elderly neighbours to check they’re OK especially during the winter months
  • Bake a cake for your neighbour
  • Take a cooked dinners to elderly person who lives on their own
  • Pick up any litter you see on your street
  • Report things in the neighbourhood that need repairing.
  • Take out your neighbours rubbish to the kerb
  • Get involved in your residents forum group
  • Offer to help with any social action community projects

For more inspiration and ideas visit our get inspired page.

Let’s show how much we love our city

Don’t forget to come back and log your kind acts!

Imagine what Birmingham would look like if there was an outbreak of kindness across the city and everyone did a daily act of kindness. We're challenging everyone to take part in '1MAK Birmingham'.

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Everyone has the ability to be kind, there are no barriers to anyone joining in and there are many different things you can do. If you're stuck for ideas our Get Inspired page has a variety of ideas to get you started.

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Keep up to date with our latest news, campaigns and highlighted stories from across the city that will keep you motivated throughout the 1MAK campaign. If you have a great story to tell please get in touch.

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