NOTE FOR PARENTS AND TEACHERS:  The list of actions are aimed primarily at school age children, however with help most under 5′s will be able to do a few actions. Identify any actions that you need to do with the child and make sure the child knows that they must ask you first before they do them.

Dont forget to come back and log your kind actions on the website.

1) Friends again - Make friends with someone you’ve fallen out with and say sorry to them if you need to.     

2) Make a get well card – Make a get well card for someone who is sick. Take your time and make something really nice, if you need help ask an adult.

3) Give some of your pocket money to charity - Next time you get given some pocket money put some of it in a charity box that you see when you’re out and about.

4) Litter pick up  - With an adult’s help arrange a day to pick up the litter along the road you live on.

5) Make new friends  – Make a friendship bracelet for a child you know from different culture our religion to you.

6) Be polite  – spend a whole day being polite, try: holding the door open for people and saying please and thank you to everyone you speak to.

7) Be helpful  - Help clean a room in your house you’re not normally responsible for, also ask if you can help prepare a meal for your family.

8 ) Cheer someone up  - Have a look around your classroom and playground for someone who looks sad, go over to them and cheer them up .

9) Share with others  – Share your lunch or snack with a friend. 

10) Special treats  – Give a bar of chocolate to your lollipop person on your way to school or your teacher, it will be a nice surprise.

11) Teach something new  - Teach your parent or carer to do something they can’t do. It could be something on the computer, their mobile phone or and setting the TV to record their favourite programmes.

12) Learn ‘Hello’ in another language - Find out about the different cultures and languages in your school. Learn how to say hello and goodbye in their language, then see if you can find someone so say hello in the new language you have learnt.

13) Give a big hug  - Give those who care for you a big hug and tell them how much you love them

More Ideas

Many of the actions in the random and planned ideas list can also be adapted to involve children. 

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