Join the kindness revolution

We’re challenging everyone in OUR city to take part in ’1MAK Birmingham’ and reach a target of ’1 MILLION ACTS OF KINDNESS’.

Everyday we are reminded by the news headlines of how much anger, unrest and hurting people there are around the world.It also seems like these days the only way to see change is to start a revolution through war and anger.

Let’s start a ‘KINDNESS REVOLUTION’ in Birmingham and impact the city by making a difference.

1MAK Birmingham is a year long citywide initiative encouraging people across all sections of the community to make a difference in their neighbourhoods, work place, school or home through practical acts of kindness.   

‘Birmingham – a city of one million people’

‘That’s one act of kindness for each
Birmingham citizen!’

Birmingham is a city of one million people from all walks of life, religions, backgrounds and over 170 different ethnic groups. Just imagine how our city would be if everyone was to connect with others around them doing acts of kindness.

The aim is start a movement of kindness across our city. This is not just a call to action; it is a call to simply being: being a city of people that go out of their way to help each other.

Be part of it

‘Let’s start a movement of kindness in the city’

Even though there’s a global crisis happening right now, we can be part of a local solution by connecting with each other through practicing kindness and generosity.

This starts with each of us as individuals until eventually we ignite a citywide movement.


Get Inspired

‘Stuck for ideas’

Small individual and anonymous acts of kindness can have a ripple effect much wider than we can imagine.

From random acts of kindness for strangers, friends, work colleagues and family you see everyday to getting together with friends, family, work colleagues or church members to do planned acts of kindness at your school, workplace or local community – we’ve got lots of ideas to get you inspired. It doesn’t have to be expensive or even cost you any money.


Get signed up

‘It’s so simple!’

Get signed up and start logging your acts of kindness on our website. If you’re on facebook or twitter you can sign up with your login or create a new 1MAK Birmingham login.

Then everytime you do an act of kindness come back and log it here on the website. Choose the location in Birmingham where you did the kind action so we can track what’s happening across the city and reach our target of 1 MILLION. Also if someone has been kind to you, you can log that too.

If you sign in using your facebook don’t forget to click the like button so your kindness acts appear on your status wall. You can also download a 1MAK Birmingham Facebook app and log your acts directly from your profile.

So let’s get started!


Send us YOUR stories

‘Share your pictures, videos, stories and more…’

Aswell as logging your acts of kindness we also want your pictures, videos and stories so they can be added to the website as picture galleries, embedded videos, stories and more…

1MAK Birmingham is about highlighting the great stories of kindness that are happening across the city. Tell us about what you’ve been up to or if you’re organising any planned activities.

Together we can really make a difference!




Imagine what Birmingham would look like if there was an outbreak of kindness across the city and everyone did a daily act of kindness. We're challenging everyone to take part in '1 MAK Birmingham'.

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Everyone has the ability to be kind, there are no barriers to anyone joining in and there are many different things you can do. If you're stuck for ideas our Get Inspired page has a variety of ideas to get you started

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Keep up to date with our latest news, campaigns and highlighted stories from across the city that will keep you motivated throughout the 1MAK campaign. If you have a great story to tell please get in touch.

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