Connecting our city with kindness

By Bishop David Urquhart

“Acts of kindness are the nerve cells of this city.
Kindness creates connections in a way
that nothing else can.”

When a body is healthy all its parts work together and the organs function as one, connected by numerous nerves and cells whose job it is to circulate messages. These communication channels are barely noticeable but if they become blocked or damaged, we immediately feel the effects as disease sets in and we become unable to function fully.

In the same way, our city is a complex organism with a healthy heartbeat of innovation and change. It needs numerous channels of communication to flourish and grow, functioning as a healthy community that many can call home.

Gossip hope and live friendship

For this city to remain a haven of refuge and safety, a centre of creativity and commerce and a meeting place for faiths and cultures it needs people who are committed to being good news, people who gossip hope and live friendship and hospitality.

Acts of kindness are the nerve cells of this city. Kindness creates connections in a way that nothing else can. Kindness builds community and ends loneliness and isolation. St John says that “Perfect love casts out all fear.” Kindness is the opposite of fear and it speaks of the love God has for every one of the 1 million people who share the city of Birmingham and call it home.

In fact, it does more than speak – kindness shouts from the rooftop that all people are made in the image of God, they are made to love one another and love their creator.

Connecting to each other

Deep down, most humans want nothing more than a world where they can live with others and feel connected – kindness can make that simple but profound longing, a reality. Start with something simple. Start today!

Imagine what Birmingham would look like if there was an outbreak of kindness across the city and everyone did a daily act of kindness. We're challenging everyone to take part in '1 MAK Birmingham'.

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Everyone has the ability to be kind, there are no barriers to anyone joining in and there are many different things you can do. If you're stuck for ideas our Get Inspired page has a variety of ideas to get you started

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Keep up to date with our latest news, campaigns and highlighted stories from across the city that will keep you motivated throughout the 1MAK campaign. If you have a great story to tell please get in touch.

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